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Brisbane Hotels Near Queen Street Mall

Which Is The Best Brisbane Hotels Near Queen Street Mall

Are you stuck in Brisbane mall and needing some place to stay for the night? well, we are here to help you find some hotels in Brisbane near Queen Street Mall.

We are afraid that the only hotel near in Queen Street Mall is Next Hotel Brisbane and you can definitely walk to get to that hotel.

Look at the map below, as you can see that it is really near. So, dont worry now, if you are having some hard time finding some place to sleep or rest with your family or friends.

brisbane hotels near queen street mall

If you are a tourist in Brisbane, then I hope we helped you. Next Hotel Brisbane is a good place to stay. Their rooms are clean and comfortable. You are safe there are 24 hours guards that are standing outside the mall.

Next Hotel Brisbane is popular in Brisbane as this hotel is the only and nearest hotel from the mall.

So, enjoy hanging out at the Queen Street Mall and take your time! Now, you know that there is a hotel near you. There are some hotels but those are kinda far already and you will need to get some cab or book an uber to get there.

Here is the website of Next Hotel Brisbane that is near in Queen Street Mall


You can see the availability and prices of the rooms from that website. You can also see the cleanliness of their rooms from the photos. Just choose the room that you like and book it. I think, you can even pay online.